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The Solution

Do you want a paper-less environment ? Looking for a solution where everything should be digitally approved on ERP from Request to Approval and Purchase to Sale?

We have a customized ERP software designed in world's most reliable tool and database management system ORACLE and combination with JAVA.

Interactive M.I.S. dashboard gives you to play with information which you enjoy and get updated of facts which guides you to take crucial decisions for your business growth.

Mobile Responsive Forms / Dashboards you can easily access on your cell phone.

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Customized ERP Software |

Mobile Responsive

You can use your ERP ON-THE-GO no need to wait for office hours, even your sales team book orders miles away from the office, and you will be updated live on your sales dashboard.

Beautifully designed product cards with relevant information and screen oriented order booking form for easy use on any device.


Simple! We have 20+ Years of rich Industry experience, and have provided solutions all over the world - You will not be disappointed!


Mobile Responsive Rich user interface with interactive graphs and reports and calendar tools. which helps to analyze data in simple but smarter way. easily search your information through-out data sheet with searching criteria combinations. Easy drill down information on finger tips.

-Online web-based user friendly

-Login with touch or face id on mobile

-Interactive graphs with drill-down detailed information

-Smart Customizable side bar report

-Easy single click filter and search options

-Parameter value comparison charts

-Export / Import schedule calendar layout

-Easy report customization where you can add/remove columns

-Conditional highlights as per your given criteria

-Easy sorting & filter on any column

-Easy export your report to excel with same formatting

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One of the best developed with industry and labor law compliance human resource management payroll system. salient features are:-

-Automatic bio-metric attendance pull option

-Employee department/sections/location management

-Salary Management-Loan Management

-Employee Profile Management

-Attendance Management

-Leaves Management

-Late Arrival Management

-Overtime Management

-Employee Documents Management

-Hiring Process Management

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Product management smart solution with brief information on your finger tips.

-A drill-down information card having all important information

-Single click filter option to filter as per your requirement

-Quick addition of a product

-No image size restriction, it will automatically adjust the size to save database space

-Drag-n-Drop image update option

-Even you can drag-n-drop images from google search result directly

-Detailed product profile with complete information you want to add

-Smart adjustment of your data grid layout where you can add/remove columns

-On column filter and sorting option

-Easy export option of your filtered data to excel

-Quick editing of stock and pricing on product report

-Quick Stock & Price Check

-Proper product categorization system

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POS system

P.O.S System | Point of Sales for Shops / Outlets / Marts / Fair Price Shops

Smartly Designed a solution keeping in mind local market dynamics and structure.

- Product Management

- Quick Product Selection

- Quick Product Setup

- Inventory Management

- Customer Management

- Discounts Management

- Sale Receipt

- Multiple Sale Reports

- Sales Credit Management

  • Purchase Credit Management

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WhatsApp or Call +92-21-34304200 – 5 (6 Lines)

Main Benefits

Secure Database Management

Data is important that's why Your Database will be designed in Oracle. World's most secure and reliable database.

Information on one click

You important information will be available on a click to take important decisions to grow your business Just drill by click click click.

Performance Booster

When you will have a smart ERP solution then everyone will love to work and will produce quality work.

Modules We Offer

Purchase / Supply Chain

Generating purchase request with auto notification to the authority for approval and get it approved digitally.

There are reminders to follow ordered goods and have smart reports to check status of each item.

Inventory Management

Integrated inventory auto updated with relevant modules and can be tracked stock location and floor wise. Multiple warehousing or multiple section within a warehouse can make it easier to manage your inventory.

Payroll / HR

Employee management, Attendance management, Biometric machine integration, Overtime management, Payroll as per labor law management, Loan management. There are plenty of features to use and keep record of every activity.

Sale / Export

Local sale or Export we cover detailed level of geographic hierarchy to trace growth or business loss on a particular area. It also helps to increase performance to field staff.

Trade offers, Price policies and dedicated customer document formats are special features in the Sale module.

Accounting / Finance

Asset management and smart expense management is the core feature of our accounts module we smartly categorized chart of accounts heads. Tax management, Payments management is very easy to use.

Production Management

Smart production management system with auto stock update and costing of finished goods. Raw / Packing material consumption comparison between years and funds planning as per last year consumption. Wastage controlling and recording on each production.

M.I.S. Dashboard Reporting System

A web based highly interactive and informative dashboard where you can check BIG picture extracted from each module and drill down charts make it enjoyable to play with.

There are plenty of reports and charts to analyze information with different dimensions.

Customized ERP Software |
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